Writing a Legacy to Your Daughter

10+ Good Reasons to Write Your Daughter:

1. Leaving your legacy. This is our chance to pass down our strongest beliefs and values. To tell our daughters what matters most in life and to let them know who we really are deep down to the core. Our letters will help our daughters build self-esteem, have confidence in themselves and their decisions, and find a sense of self by knowing and understanding who her mother is and where she comes from.

2. Give your daughter a voice. We are the ones that will empower our daughters first, by letting them know they have a voice and the right to use it. We are the ones that will let them know that they count and their voice matter.

3. Strengthening the Mother-Daughter bond. The Mother-Daughter relationship is a divine bond and it is up to us to teach our daughters that it should always be kept sacred. By writing to our daughters, we are taking the first step in strengthening our bond and keeping it sacred.

4. It is Family that defines the very essence of our identity. Our letters will be handed down through generations and will empower every daughter to come. If you want to keep your family ties strong, this is definitely one approach. It is my hope that our daughters will see the importance of keeping the chain going so that we may stay linked to our lineage. A strong family gives us and will give our daughters something to be proud of and strength when faced with the challenges that life will bring us. By keeping our family lines strong we are giving our daughters roots and by letting our daughters know that they are loved no matter what, we are giving them wings.

5. Giving thanks. Your life changed dramatically when you became a mother, right? When we became mothers we automatically became role-models. That means we are responsible for inspiring our daughters to be good and to do good things, maybe even great things. So, isn'tít it the truth that it is our daughters who have actually inspired us first? If you have read Merceyís Letter you will see that she was acknowledged and thanked for being an inspiration to her mother.

6. Making amends. Letter writing is a good tool to use for expressing your vulnerability. Mothers parent the best way they can and mistakes are inevitable. Itís a chance to show that we are human and imperfect and that itís ok to make mistakes. I think writing makes it a little bit easier to admit your mistakes, make apologies and ask for forgiveness. Some might think that it takes away from the sincerity but I believe itís the effort and the act of admitting and asking that counts.

7. Your letter will bring her straight to your heart EVERY TIME she reads it! Every time our daughters read our letters, it will bring them home because they forever live in our hearts. Our words will keep us forever connected with our daughters. Every time, our daughters will be able to hear our voices and catch, again, a glimpse of our personalities. Our letters will be everlasting, the same as our mother-daughter bond. It is ultimately, our voices that will rise up in them and shape who they will become.

8.We have the power and the responsibility to make a difference in the lives of our daughters. I think one of America's problems comes from having to work so much. Since women are trained from a young age to put everyone else first, yes, it's important to have something for ourselves. But, our children should be our first priority because they are our future.

Of course we should be driven, especially as women but creating emotional health for them should be number one. "No success can compensate for failure in the home". All daughters crave the acceptance of their mothers and want to make us proud of them. So, this letter is your chance to build a foundation for their future by letting them know that you believe in them, that they deserve better, and you expect them to make better life choices. "We are our Daughter's Mothers. It is ultimately, our words that will ring in their head for eternity."

9. Writing of any kind, including letters can clear a path for growth.Word's have the power to make us feel. When we connect with our emotions we also begin the process of healing. It is the same when we use writing as a way to connect and communicate our feelings. Letter writing is a good way to start the healing process. It will bring closure and pave the way for growth.

10. It is the perfect gift. What a perfect gift for any occasion. There is no greater gift than a letter because it is personal. Remember when we were little, how excited we got if we got mail of any kind? Letters are exciting because they are personal and it takes time, thought and emotion. It comes from the core and if someone actually took the time to sit down and write it then you know that you are important to that person. What is a letter? LETTERS ARE WORDS WRITTEN FROM THE HEART AND GIVEN AWAY, THEY CAN NEVER BE TAKEN BACK. IT IS FOR EVER......

11. Our letters can and will be used as a reminder that our Daughters are loved and always will be. All these years, My Mother's letter has been there for the days when I have questioned myself and was doubtful, caught up and forgetful, lost and scared or lonely, have felt out of place, disliked, misunderstood or unloved. Itís been there when I have needed to hear her voice or catch a glimpse of her personality.

Most importantly, her letter has been there when I needed to hear what every daughter on this earth needs to hear, that her mother loves her. It is all of her written words that have helped me to keep my faith (or find it again). It is her powerful words that on so many occasions, has changed my inner voice to a screaming ďI can and will persevere!Ē

12. On a realistic note. There is both, good and bad in the world. The bad will "reach out" when our daughters are most vulnerable. No matter how hard we try to shelter our daughters, life will happen and there will be times when our daughters will be vulnerable. Part of motherhood is the responsibility of keeping our daughters safe. By writing letters to our daughters, we will be instilling inner strength and belief in themselves to carry them through.

Please read When vulnerability may manifest in our daughters

13. Peace of Mind. When you are finished with your letter, you will feel a sense of relief. You might even cry. It's scary being responsible for the emotional, spiritual and physical health of another living being. It's a tremendous responsibility to raise a child, be it son or daughter and the responsibility of another life is tremendous. We do the best we can and have to try not to feel bad about our mistakes. When you finally finish writing to your daughters and read over it, you may ask yourself, did I tell her everything? Did I miss something? Was I wrong in expecting these things of her? I promise you that you will read it and say "This is who I am and my daughter must know me and the things I believe in".

Love Always,

Mara Celeste


"Spirit means the driven force within us, our love for self, How crucial it is to Nurture it."

Words not only have the power to effect our emotions, but, also our minds and spirit. It is possible for the spirit to be chipped away at, weakened, broken or depleted. If for some reason, this should ever happen, our letters will restore:

  • Their inner voice.
  • Their worthiness of love and acceptance.
  • Belief in themselves.
  • The ability and courage to take back their power.
  • Restore their emotional health.
  • Become whole again.

Effects of verbal and emotional abuse

In Gloria's letter, she talks about the ten commandments and how "God didn't say thou shalt not kill humans" He said thou shalt not kill" I believe she was talking about the human spirit.




"This is who I am and my daughter must know me and the things I believe in".



  • A time to heal. Death is inevitable. I know it's not something that we want to think about but it's a realistic thought and this is one way to prepare. Someday, our daughters will have these letters to help them through the grieving process of our passing. At first, their grief may carry them through but our letters will help them learn to carry it, instead. It takes time to heal and our letters will be used as a tool by pulling strength from our words. Our letters may be put away for a while, maybe when the healing starts but they will always be available when our daughters are in need of healing again.