Writing a Legacy to Your Daughter

Legacy Letters are About:

  • Leaving behind our most powerful words.
  • Passing down our strongest values and beliefs.
  • Sharing the knowledge and wisdom that we have gained from our lives.
  • Being remembered for who we were
  • Staying connected to the ones we love, long after we are gone.

Writing Tips

1. Start a list of things you want to write about. Try not to think to much about it at first, Just let your thoughts become words. In other words, write whatever comes to mind.

2. Pick a theme. You can choose more than one, just remember it needs to be in 2500 words or less.

For example, I want my daughter to find strength in the fact that she was loved, to love herself and to always trust her own inner voice. I also want her to have a strong sense of right and a wrong and a strong loyalty to family ties.

Would you rather tell a family story?, Do you want to make an apology?, etc.

3.Don't worry about using big words, just write from your heart. It's not about impressing people, it's about making an impact on our daughters.

4.Use your voice. Write like you would speak.

5. Write whatever you feeling in that moment. No matter how small you may think it seems, how you are feeling in that moment is important and does have meaning, otherwise it would not have come to you.

6. Write with emotion and also go deep enough to make your lives come alive to your daughters.

7. If your going to write your life story be sure to be descriptive when writing about people and places. For instance, if your talking about the house you grew up in be sure to describe what it looked liked, who you lived with, what city or town, etc. Don't forget to use emotions. Why you loved growing up in that house, etc. Also, don't forget time periods.

8. The same goes for writing about family and friends. Be specific as possible when writing about family members or friends. If they are meaningful to you then show that emotion. Give your daughter a sense of who they are by developing their character is and explaining what makes them so special.

9. Tell the truth, be sincere.

10. Give examples and back up to all your points.

11. Separate your paragraphs

12. Proof-read your letter and/or find a second pair of eyes.

13. Don't forget a small background profile. Name, age profession, age of daughter(s), etc.

14. If you want to empower your daughter, Always write with Love.

Love Always,

Mara Celeste


"It is our words, our voices that will rise up in our daughters and shape who they'll become."

-Mara Celeste


"Letters mingle Souls"

-Poet John Donne


*Remember, there is nothing like reading a long hand letter in which someone actually took the time and effort to sit and write. Penmanship when writing a letter to our daughters is so very important. It is very personal and very much a part of our personalities. It is unique, it is ours alone.

If your writing is not so attractive don't feel bad, it won't matter to your daughter. It's the message behind the actual words that count. It is said, messy or illegible writing is a sign of originality and maybe even brilliance!

My suggestion is to write your daughter's letter in long hand (the one you will give to her, someday) and if you choose to participate and wish to send your letter via-email, please navigate to share a letter.

Love Always,

Mara Celeste