Writing a Legacy to Your Daughter


The purpose of "A Mother's Legacy.com and "Love Always, is to encourage and inspire Womankind by handing down the most precious, tangible gift a Mother can give; A handwritten legacy letter. These letters will, among many things, empower a generation of women starting with our daughters and serve as a tool in strengthening the Mother-Daughter bond.

10+Reasons to write a letter

Words have absolute power because they have the power to affect our emotions. They can make us laugh hysterically and they can make us cry tears of joy or sadness. They can make us feel guilty and shameful and they can make us feel confident and important. They can melt our hearts and they can make us enraged. They can make us feel fearful or jealous and They can cause self-doubt and make us second guess ourselves. The list of emotions goes on and can be both positive and negative.

These words include ones that others may tell us but they also include words or thoughts that we say to our selves. This site is about giving our daughters a strong positive voice inside themselves, which will affect the choices they make and make sure it's known that they have choices.

It is imperative that our daughters establish their own identity but the fact remain they are part of us. It is our duty to guide them and ensure that they develop a healthy sense of self.

This site is all about our daughters and the rest of their lives. This site is about affecting their lives through one single legacy letter. It is about making sure that our daughters spirit stays strong and never broken, long after we are gone.

This site is also about Mothers and daughters sharing common ground and coming together as community.

Love Always,

Mara Celeste

"We have the power to make a difference in the lives of our daughters".

Coming together as a community

It is the similarities of our female gender that keeps us connected. As mothers, as daughters and as women, we will be able to relate to and identify with the hopes and dreams that we have for our daughters. We will witness the ways we want our daughters to learn from our mistakes and help each other find ways or the strength to move through our fears regarding choices we make as we move through motherhood.

We we will find a little part of ourselves in each one of these letters. I believe that as we read through the letters, we will continue to see the Mother-Daughter bonds that we share and just how much we have in common. Although each letter is different, that has been my experience.

We are all daughters and crave the same acceptance from our mothers; We also share the same kind of unconditional love that comes with motherhood. We have watched and will watch our daughters become women, WHAT A JOURNEY! Although it's a process, there will come a day, when our daughter's womanhood allows them to see us and understand us, not only as their mother, but as women. And maybe, that will be the day when they will know without a doubt, that we love them as their Mother first, and that we respect them as a woman.

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What is "Love Always,"?

Love Always, is a book project filled with Mother to Daughter heart felt legacy letters . Wouldn't it be great, to not only give your Daughter(s) a letter, but a book containing your letter? A book of love, always to be passed down, through the generations! If you're interested in sharing a letter for possible publishing, Please navigate to Share a letter.