Writing a Legacy to Your Daughter

Thanks to convenient technology, letter writing has become unpopular, a thing of the past. Therefore, its probably been a while since most of us have actually sat and wrote a long hand letter to a loved one.

Don't take it the wrong way, the ability to communicate instantly, though email has its usefulness. The satisfaction of getting an instant response, instead of waiting days or weeks is wonderful.

So, if you choose to write your letter via e-mail there are things you can do to make your letter more personal. You can paste clip art or graphics, use colored backgrounds or colored text, use different fonts and print on stationary.

If you would like to share a letter for posting on this site or for possible publishing in "Love Always," please print and sign a release form and mail along with your Legacy Letter to Love Always, P.O. Box 1614, Salem NH 03079.

If you are sending your Legacy Letter via e-mail, we will still need a printed and signed release form. You may choose an e-mail below that best fits your interest.

If you may also copy and scan your letter, save it as a .jpg and e-mail it to to one of the addresses below.

Remember me and what I stood for-The scariest thing about dying is the thought of being forgotten. rememberme@amotherslegacy.com

Everyday Mothers -As women, the Mother Daughter bond is the most important relationship we will share through out our lives. It is how we learn to become women. hereandnow@amotherslegacy.com

A Mothers Loss - A chance for Mothers to have closure, assurance that they are not alone and another chance to heal. In In my opinion, the mere act of writing is a powerful healer. amothersloss@amotherslegacy.com

Can't Wait to Meet You -The overwhelming emotions and anticipation on becoming a Mother to a Daughter. cantwait@amotherslegacy.com

More than a Mother Figure -Every Daughter needs a Mother but not every Daughter has one. These letters will be written by Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters, Foster Mothers, Adoptive Mothers and other Motherly Women. You are blessed if you have someone kind and Loving in your life who cares enough to assume the Mother role. motherfigure@amotherslegacy.com

Mothers and daughters fighting Breast Cancer- For women (mothers or daughters) battling with breast cancer or caring for a loved one with breast cancer. Breastcancer@amotherslegacy.com

Pillow Talk Talking with your teenage daughter can be difficult, depending on the situation. Learn how to share pillow-talk or send your letters here for her to access. Pillowtalk@amotherslegacy.com

All other questions or comments please e-mail- contactus@amotherslegacy.com

Release Form


"We are Our Daughter's Mother, it is our words, our voices that will ring in their head for eternity!"

Are you a woman?

Do you have a daughter?

Are you a book lover?

Would you like to leave your Daughter a Legacy Letter filled with priceless wisdom?

Would you be interested in having a book with a letter from you or your mother to be passed down through your generation?

Would you be interested in empowering women, starting with your daughter?


Note to single Fathers:

Note to single Fathers:If you are raising a daughter or daughters by yourself, you are more than welcome to participate. I urge you to find out all you can and educate your daughter about the Women on both her maternal and paternal side of the family. Maybe through a grandmother or sister of your wife you can find information or maybe just tell your daughter(s) stories about their mothers. I think it's important that they know as much as they can about their Mother so that they will be able to better understand themselves.

Note- Aside from your letter, we would like a small profile or story stating your full name, age (optional), name and age of your Daughter, state in which you live and a short sentence or statement that describes your relationship with your daughter. You may also send a picture to be posted with your letter.

Please try to keep the word count to 2500 words per letter. I know that we could go on and on when it comes to giving our Daughters priceless wisdom but try to stick to your most strongest beliefs and values or things that are most important to you. If you would like some help getting started, please navigate to tips on writing your legacy letter.